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The SD2IEC is a mass storage device using an SD/MMC card and interfacing with the IEC bus. It is based on the ATmega644 microcontroller from the Atmel AVR microcontroller family. The most prominent use of SD2IEC is a replacement of a Commodore-1541 disk drive for a C64. The hardware and the microcontroller sd2iec firmware are available as open source (GPL).

Supports JiffyDos, GEOS, Final Cartridge III, Epyx Fastload and other Fastloaders

This is an internal version of this device. Board layout has been redesigned and is now full SMT.
Requires minimum soldering skills. Please refer to your computers manual/schematics for soldering points.

Package contains:

  • SD2IEC – internal version
  • Dual-color LED – red/green
  • Tact switch – disk swap button

This is a DIY KIT ! If you are not skilled enough to install it yourself then please do not buy it !
Retro-cloud is not taking any responsibility for any damage you have done to your machine caused by installation errors.

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