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Issue #06 of K&A+ magazine in English printed out on a high quality coated paper (90 pages). Historically speaking it was our first professionally printed issue.


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Issue #06 of K&A+ magazine in English printed out on a high quality coated paper (90 pages). Contents:
TOP 2016: C64 graphics
Introduction to GEOS
X-2016: Report
X-2016: Wall Quotes
Sid Adventures: c0zmo
Additional signal sockets for C64
Power supply replacement
2016 Reset 4kb Coding Compo
Superhero games
Project Firestart
Fort Django
Frutty Man
Athanor: The Awakening
Icicle Race
Pickle’s Pod Patrol
The Moonstone phenomenon
GameDev Story: Rob Anderson
Giana Sisters S.E.
SWOS: 2016/17 update
Amiga and CF memory cards
Fresh News
The power of infirmity
Old Computers and Games Expo, Kraków, Poland 2016
RetroKomp 2016
Individual Computers: an update from Jens Schönfeld
1024 bits
Resurrection: Superfrog
Retro games collector’s edition
Emulation Zone: Android TV Box
On another subject: Undertale
Talking Heads
Meet the team: editorial staff
Johnny presents

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Komoda & Amiga plus
is a magazine dedicated to retro gaming culture. Although our articles are usually focused around releases published on the Commodore home computers (Plus/4, VIC20, C16, C64, C128 and M65k, AOS 4.x, Aros, MOS) our primary goal is to refresh the amazing atmosphere of the 80/90s when the world was ruled by pixels and chip-music. We kindly invite you to dive into our game reviews, editorials, interviews and tutorials. That 8- and 16-bit world is still alive and we want you to enjoy it with us!

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