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Issue #11 of K&A+ magazine in English printed on a high quality coated paper (82 pages). For more information about Commodore computer user’s magazine K&A+ visit http://ka-plus.pl.


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Issue #11 of K&A+ magazine in English printed out on a high quality coated paper (82 pages). Contents:

The Steampunk C64 Laptop
The review of C64 racing games1
Demoscene history of Wacek, part I
Interview: Jason Mackenzie
Tower of Rubble 64 – My own game for C64
Space Pong
Sky Diving
Hyperzap 2018
Retro Game Dev – C64 edition
Two Friends
Magic Blocks
Excavation Zone: Tronik
Single Button Games Collection
Exploding Fish

Dark Seed
Console Zone: Horizontal Shoot ‘Em Up Collection
King’s Bounty
Fields of Glory
The A604n memory expansion
Emulation Zone: Code name EMA – Amiga in your pocket, part 4

Fresh News
Featured artist: Paul Parry
Pixel Heaven 2018
Spy vs. Spy franchise
Retro radio stations overview
The sensible history of Sensible Software
Resurrection: King’s Bounty
Memories from the past: Ramos
1024 bytes: Of nostalgia
On another subject: EarthBound
Talking Heads: Modifications and upgrades
Johnny presents: In the herbal store

The “Komoda & Amiga plus” magazine is being published since 2015 by a group of enthusiasts of Commodore branded machines. We’ve formed an editorial team, brainstorm and create a content in two languages: Polish and English. We share various passions: some of us are interested in graphics or coding, some other are more towards hardware and electronics, finally some of us only play games and write reviews. We all have a similar goal though – we want to publish a magazine devoted to the computers and emulators of C64/16/116/+4, VIC-20, as well as to various Amiga operating systems. Sharing our thoughts let us keep the retro culture alive, add our 2 cents into this culture and make us connected with people who share similar interests worldwide.

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Komoda & Amiga plus
is a magazine dedicated to retro gaming culture. Although our articles are usually focused around releases published on the Commodore home computers (Plus/4, VIC20, C16, C64, C128 and M65k, AOS 4.x, Aros, MOS) our primary goal is to refresh the amazing atmosphere of the 80/90s when the world was ruled by pixels and chip-music. We kindly invite you to dive into our game reviews, editorials, interviews and tutorials. That 8- and 16-bit world is still alive and we want you to enjoy it with us!