Become a vendor

Let us know through a contact form !! We’d love to have you!

The idea behind this project is to create a marketplace for small vendors that do not have time or skills to set up their own websites or online shops.

Vendors are invited to trade their retro hardware projects for nearly FREE. Vendors are responsible for their own transactions, for creating their own terms of service and providing it to buyers.

If you feel you are a good fit for our web store, please let us know via contact form, about your business and what you would like to sell at our online store. We will happily review it and add you as a vendor. We are asking you to share 5% of the gross price of the product sold. Collected monies will cover costs incurred in the promotion of an online store and other server/maintenance fees. We are flexible and willing to negotiate. We’re absolutely convinced that we will create a portal through which we can promote and sell more hardware for retro computers!

Retro-Cloud team